We need a reset at Town Hall

Cast your vote for a better Greenwich

I’ve seen a lot in my time as a business professional, an elected official, a town resident and in my 17 years as a public school parent. But nothing like this.

Extreme political ideologies espoused by some on the Republican Town Committee are influencing local government and the election for the non-partisan RTM. The disinformation campaign is audacious. We need stronger leadership in Town Hall to chart a course for a better Greenwich. 

We need to get back to our core community values and a bipartisan approach to governance. And we need to be fact-based. Some of the mailers, texts and social media posts from Row B candidates are misleading, not true, or unhinged. 

Everyone deserves to be respected and heard

I care deeply about this community. We are all neighbors and volunteers and colleagues and co-workers. Some people have spent their entire lives here and some are new residents. But everyone deserves to be respected, and everyone should be heard. It’s downright insulting as a resident and a public servant to get a mailer at my home that states “Keep Greenwich Civil – Keep Camillo.” Where is that finger pointing? I’ve been nothing but civil during this campaign and during my entire length of service to this community. 

I am listening, and my priorities reflect what you’ve asked for

My priorities are public safety, protecting local control and improving our planning process for town and school infrastructure capital needs. I am listening to residents who care about traffic congestion, parking, pedestrian and bicyclist safety, skyrocketing rents, noise levels which lessen the enjoyment of our living (and now also workspaces) as well as flooding during severe weather events, which are happening with increasing frequency. It’s time to act to address the multitude of issues. 

The slate of candidates on Row A is composed of experienced, committed and dedicated professionals and I am proud to lead the ticket with this group of decent, honorable people. We can, and we will, keep our taxes low with proper planning and fiscal stewardship.

Choose vision, planning and leadership from the top

In my last four years on the town’s finance board, the BET, I’ve had a front row seat to shortsighted decision making which is already costing taxpayers more.

  • I’ve seen how the lack of strong leadership in the Office of the First Selectman has allowed the six BET Republicans to substitute their own judgment over the recommendations of our town department heads and respected professionals with expertise in their fields. 
  • I’ve seen a lack of response from the Office of the First Selectman to fear-mongering and falsehoods strewn all over town by the Republican Town Committee.
  • The incumbent has been stone cold silent about the fact that the election for our town legislature, the Representative Town Meeting, was flooded with last-minute petitions from residents with questionable motivations.

This is not who we are as a community

This is my civic duty, as a candidate for office, and a neighbor to each of you, to stand in opposition to events unfolding this election cycle, and give you an alternative.

Greenwich… we need a reset. Vote for the candidates on Row A, Tuesday, Election Day.

The Democratic candidates to lead Greenwich need your vote on Tuesday.

What others are saying about Laura:

Penny Monahan — former Selectwoman 2001-2007“As a 38-year employee of the Greenwich Police Department, former 3 term Selectwoman, member of the RTM and a proud “Townie” I have worked with several First Selectmen from both parties. During their tenures Greenwich was consistently recognized as a “safe community.”  These safe community rankings are the result of dedication, training and hard work by the men and women who serve in our Police, Fire and GEMS, more so than any politician.

On Tuesday, November 7th I look forward to casting my vote for Laura Erickson for First Selectperson.”

Kate Tabner — former President, Brunswick Parents Association; member of the Nathaniel Witherell Board; and friend from Middlebury College

“I have known Laura Erickson for over 40 years and she has retained the same characteristics she had when I first met her – she’s smart, sensible and thoughtful… Laura believes that by working together we can do better by our town. Greenwich is a wonderful place to live but we need to have comprehensive plans for our schools, local police and fire, and roads, and be a responsible manager of our town resources to meet those needs.” 

Blakely Stinebaugh — PTA leader and past Chair of the Greenwich Alliance for Education

“I met Laura as a volunteer at Eastern Middle School and we later served on the Greenwich High School PTA Board together and our paths crossed again volunteering for the Greenwich Alliance for Education…Laura is a strong advocate for public school education because she knows it is a driver for a healthy community.”

Debbie Appelbaum — former Board of Education member who served with Laura 2013-2017, including Laura’s time as Chair of the BOE 

“…I have worked with all types of leaders. The strong ones get things accomplished, unite people toward a common goal, inspire those around them, and in turn their success becomes that of all. Laura Erickson is this type of leader.”

Miriam Kreuzer — current BET member elected at the same time as Laura in 2019 

 “Anyone who has spent time with Laura knows she has a relaxed demeanor, but a fierce focus…I have always admired her diligence. Her background as a banker is evident in her approach and analysis.”

Daniel Erickson— Laura’s eldest child 

“Finally, and what I believe is most critical, she is empathetic. She has raised myself, my sister and my brother here in Greenwich – and is deeply attuned with how much of a blessing it is to live here.”

Laura Erickson

Candidate for First Selectperson

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