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Deep in the bowels of Town Hall there are a couple of elected positions you would be forgiven for not knowing about. Rushing through your day, maybe trundling kids to school, flipping the lights on where you work, or walking the dog while balancing a cup of joe, it’s hard to keep track of the national picture, let alone local government.

But Joe Huley and Bill Grad would suggest your attentions are misplaced. “If there ever was a time to be aware of who’s running for local office and what their values are, now is the time,” Grad says. “Many people pay more in property taxes than state or federal taxes. Many move here for the schools. They should follow what’s happening, and vote!”

Joe and Bill are longtime practitioners of some of the less visible roles in Greenwich officialdom. This November, both are running for re-election to the Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA), and Huley is seeking the office of Tax Collector as well. “Our incumbent’s idea of making it easier for people to pay their taxes is keeping the office open longer,” Huley says, incredulously. “No one wants to spend more time at Town Hall paying their taxes! It’s time we entered the 21st century. I’d like to introduce ways that people can make bank transfers without fees, and from the convenience of their phones or computers.”

Joe Huley, Volunteer Firefighter, EMT, Justice of the Peace, candidate for Tax Collector, and member of the Board of Assessment Appeals

Grad says the work of the five officials on the BAA is to hear residents’ and businesses’ cases to have their property assessments reduced. “Even though we get elected on a partisan basis, there is no partisanship in our work. We have open, collegial and comfortable discussions.” It’s the way he wishes other branches of town government still operated. “I believe government should make a positive difference in people’s lives. I want to elect someone who looks at what our community needs and how the town can best meet those needs.”

Joe Huley has lived in Banksville since the day he was born, the grandson of immigrants from Czechoslovakia. A real estate broker by trade, he’s a veteran of critical local roles, elected and otherwise, including Justice of the Peace, volunteer firefighter, EMT, Deputy Registrar of Voters, and always a Democrat. “A Greenwich Dem today is like a Republican from our parents’ era,” Huley observed. “Dems are focused on improving our quality of life.”

“Democrats have heart,” Grad remarked, an American flag emblazoned on his T-shirt. He admits the first two decades his family lived here, he paid little attention to local politics, while building businesses and working in commercial real estate. But in 2000, he got involved. He’s twice run for Tax Collector. He also volunteered as a loaned executive to the United Way.

The nuts and bolts of local government is where it’s at in Grad’s mind. “We need to elect people who are well trained and can run a department competently. We need down to earth, straightforward people.”

Joe Huley will be on your ballot twice in November, for Tax Collector, and Member of the Board of Assessment Appeals. Bill Grad will be there too, also for Member of the Board of Assessment Appeals. Remember them when election season comes around.

Bill Grad, seeking re-election to the Board of Assessment Appeals

Take the town climate action survey

Coming off a week of record heat and torrential rain, please take a moment to share your thoughts with town leaders on priorities for a town climate action and resiliency plan. This is your chance to let our town government know what you think they should do to prepare for a rapidly changing climate.

Thinking about running for the RTM?

You can have a positive impact on Greenwich by running for the Representative Town Meeting (RTM). This November 7, every seat on this 230 member body will be up for election. All it takes to get on the ballot are a few dozen signatures. Learn more about serving here. When you’re ready to go, download the petition here and start gathering signatures.

Legislative Updates

More resources for first time home-buyers

Our state representatives announced that $20 million has been added to the CT Housing Finance Authority’s Time To Own Program, which offers down payment assistance to low and moderate income homebuyers in CT. The program puts the advantages of home-ownership within the hands of a greater share of state residents, who can use this equity to build wealth to pass on to the next generation, bringing the American Dream closer to reality.

For your calendar

July 14

Bastille Day flag raising at Town Hall organized by the Alliance Française of Greenwich.  9:00 a.m. Greenwich Town Hall, 101 Field Point Road

July 18

Trivia fans, come test your knowledge at our hangout on July 18. You bring the smarts, we bring the pizza. RSVP here. See ya there! 575 Pacific Street, Stamford

July 20

August 17

Join fellow Democrats and others at beautiful Greenwich Point Park (Tod’s Point) for a fun and relaxing summer wine and cheese gathering. More info to follow…Save the date!


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Volume 2, Number 1 • July 14, 2023
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