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A promise to “find solutions and fix the problems” of a fractured Town Hall

Greenwich’s Democratic Town Committee (DTC) closed ranks last Thursday night around a slate of candidates for local elections in November who pledged to change the tone at Town Hall by listening to residents “whatever their political affiliation,” to ensure “Greenwich retains its quality of life and strong sense of community.”

Led by First Selectperson candidate Laura Erickson and incumbent Selectperson Janet Stone McGuigan, the DTC’s recommendations for offices from constable to the town’s finance board, were approved by acclamation and applause. It demonstrated a unified front and enthusiasm that this might be the year in which Democrats could win the trust of Greenwich’s electorate, worn down by the divisive politics of recent years.

Residents’ priorities not being met by the party in power

“The Board of Estimate and Taxation’s Republicans are setting the agenda, and the current First Selectman is letting it happen,” Erickson said. “They’ve made up their minds before listening to speakers at public hearings. Residents’ priorities are not being met.”

“We won’t let elevators stop between floors at the library or fire trucks break down from old age,” said BET Member Leslie Moriarty, speaking for the finance board’s six candidates, a dream team of legal, banking and business executives.

Erickson echoed these concerns, citing a lack of vision and planning today. “It’s not acceptable for police officers to be taken off the Avenue without a plan in place to enhance pedestrian safety.”

A pledge not to delay school upgrades any more

Also high on the slate’s list of concerns, the recent party-line votes by BET Republicans to delay funding upgrades to public schools that are falling apart — marking five years of inaction since the Board of Education’s capital improvement plan was adopted. “We will not delay Old Greenwich and Central Middle schools,” Moriarty said.

The mood was upbeat. “We have the wind behind our backs,” Town Clerk candidate Lucy von Brachel said, but then added, “we still are the underdogs.” This is a town which has only rarely offered Democrats the chance to govern.

“We’ve got to persuade voters that our vision and our slate of candidates are superior,” Erickson observed. “We’re going to make changes that make a positive difference for our residents while maintaining low taxes.  We’re going to have to be mythbusters and truthtellers to push back on the misinformation and fear-mongering that’s been going on.”

The election is November 7th. The candidates could use all the help you can provide.

Thinking about running for the RTM?

You can have a positive impact on Greenwich by running for the Representative Town Meeting (RTM). This November 7, every seat on this 230 member body will be up for election. All it takes to get on the ballot are a few dozen signatures. Learn more about serving here. When you’re ready to go, download the petition here and start gathering signatures.

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August 17

Join fellow Democrats and others at beautiful Greenwich Point Park (Tod’s Point) for a fun and relaxing summer wine and cheese gathering. More info to follow…Save the date!


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Volume 2, Number 2 • July 22, 2023
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