Trump understudy is guest of honor at Greenwich Republican dinner

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For their annual Lincoln-Reagan fundraising dinner, the Greenwich Republican Party (RTC) has invited a long-shot presidential candidate who promises to go “farther than Trump” in carrying out the same dangerous, bull-in-a-china-shop agenda. 

Vivek Ramaswamy has big ideas for remaking America –  the constitution and laws be damned. A young tech millionaire, and author of a book lobbing grenades at the Right’s newest bogeyman, “wokeism,” one of his first acts would be to abolish the Department of Education and teachers unions, to stifle discussion of racial or gender disparities. 

Using his own free speech rights to pen “Woke Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam,” Ramaswamy would use the tools of government to punish corporate America for efforts to promote equity or fight climate change, much as Florida Governor DeSantis has abused his power to punish Disney for disagreeing with him.

Law and Order?

While he’s at it, Ramaswamy would haphazardly slash the U.S. government. “I actually would just proceed with shutting down agencies, with firing a good portion of the federal workforce,” he said. “I think it’s going to be at least half.” In particular, Ramaswamy wants to abolish the IRS and the FBI, and pardon those convicted of the attack on our Capitol on January 6. That’s an interesting take, coming from the self-styled party of “law and order.” Moreover, he wouldn’t send another dollar to Ukraine, a democratic ally fighting for survival, but he’d be happy to dispatch the US army to

fight cartels in Mexico  (even though its president condemns that idea).

Voter Freedom?

As for voting rights, he’d seek to disenfranchise anyone under 25, unless they pass a civics test or enlist in the military.

Climate Change?

Ramaswamy has no solution to the existential threat posed by our changing climate, which he calls a climate cult. “The climate religion actually has nothing to do with the climate. It is all about power, control, dominion and apologizing for America’s own success,” he told Fox News.

This doesn’t sound like Greenwich’s Republicans

Biden beat Trump 61% to 36% in Greenwich in 2020, clearly aided by Republicans and independents, given that only 30% of town voters are registered Democrats. So why is the Greenwich Republican party honoring a candidate even more extreme than Trump for their biggest local event? Where is the common sense in doubling down on losing strategies?

The new RTC promises this will be a party to remember, and we agree with that! We can’t wait to see who will dish out for the $250 – $6,600 tickets to get their selfie with a guy the Greenwich Time’s David Rafferty labeled “just another opportunistic, climate denying, middle finger-giver who wants an end to government regulations so capitalism can make him richer.”

Legislative Updates

Comprehensive gun safety bill headed to passage

The most substantial overhaul of Connecticut’s gun laws since 2013 passed into law this week, including a more expansive assault weapons ban, a prohibition on the open carry of firearms, and higher bail requirements for repeat offenders. The law includes many concepts introduced by Governor Lamont, who said, “While I firmly believe that our country needs stronger laws at the federal level to prevent gun violence, the inaction by Congress requires each individual state to act.”

Senator Ryan Fazio was one of only 11 senators to vote against the bipartisan gun safety bill, while Democrats Rachel Khanna, Hector Arzeno and Steve Meskers voted in favor.

Celebrating Pride Month

Allison Kahn, organizer of Greenwich’s Pride celebration. Photo: Leslie Yager

Karsten Vagner, co-organizer of Greenwich’s Pride celebration. Photo: Leslie Yager

DTC member Christine Edwards with State Representatives Steve Meskers, Hector Arzeno
and Rachel Khanna at Pride Celebration. Photo: Jen Bar

Greenwich Democrats joined the hundreds who turned out to celebrate Pride Month last Sunday on the Town Hall lawn. Moving remarks from our Board of Selectmen, our Hartford Delegation and faith leaders reminded that we are all valued members of this  community. The Greenwich Democrats denounced the bigoted signs that were put up at Town Hall later that night. Hate for identity groups has no place in Greenwich.

Editorial that caught our eye

The Zealot driving RTC’s Facebook pageGreenwich Time’s David Rafferty looks into the consultant who manages the Republican Town Committee’s social media. Those hoping for a job with Kyle Reyes’ marketing firm must pass a “snowflake” test. “Kyle wasn’t actually looking for the best candidates, he was looking for candidates who fit a very specific mold: right-wing zealots with gun fetishes, like himself,” writes Rafferty. “Broadly, employers cannot discriminate against employees, or even applicants, for a variety of obvious reasons, and screening applicants with questions about (among other things) their faith, patriotism, commitment to firearms, and where they stand on hot-button cultural topics, could certainly cross the line.”

June 14

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June 14, 7:30 p.m. Town Hall Cone Room, 101 Field Point Road


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