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Newsletter Volume 2 • Number 24

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Our work begins today

Friends and neighbors,

Thank you for your votes on Tuesday.

Thank you for your engagement this election season. Thank you for opening this newsletter. If there’s one message you should take away from the results, it’s that, in a democracy, your participation matters.

Thanks to a concerted effort by a broad, energized group of volunteers over many months, a dream team of Democratic candidates came very close to winning the tie-breaking vote on the finance board, the BET. That extra vote controls the town’s purse strings, and hence, priorities. Only once in the past 100 years have Democrats won it. Yet we’re coming closer and closer again with each election.

We were just one percent plus one vote short of our goal. 

Your participation matters.

Democratic candidates ran a positive, fact-based campaign. Despite widespread lies and disinformation by our opponents, our candidates focused on what matters most to Greenwich residents: preserving our quality of life in a manner that makes the best use of taxpayer dollars.

  • Participation in this local election was unusually high, and Democratic turnout increased from 43% to 53% since the last municipal election.
  • What’s more, a bipartisan coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters prevented a right-wing takeover of the RTM, the town legislature. While the members of this coalition may have varying views on many local issues, they won’t be taking orders from a small group of far-right members following a national playbook. 

Still, overall, more Republicans cast votes on Tuesday than Democrats, even though there are more registered Democrats in Greenwich. Your participation matters.

What happens now?

Make no mistake. Elections have consequences. You should expect that the party in power will begin to act soon.

  • They’ll arbitrarily cut the Board of Education’s proposed budget;
  • They’ll do nothing to slow the threat of high-rises in our town, or the rise in rents, and then they’ll start yelling “stop the high-rises” the next election season;
  • They’ll delay renovating Old Greenwich School as sewage keeps sloshing into kindergarten classrooms;
  • They’ll ignore their right-wing’s culture war provocations

So, join us! A better Greenwich is within reach

Come to our next monthly meeting, Thursday Nov. 16, at 7:30 pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room. Discover ways to get involved for 2024. Meet people who share your values. Commit to helping shape your town’s future. This is just the beginning of what we can do, but we have to start now. Your participation matters, and not just on Election Day.

Volume 2, Number 24 • November 10, 2023
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