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If you’ve received mailings from the Greenwich Republicans or driven through town, you probably noticed the campaign hysteria to “stop the high rises!” You might be wondering, where are these high rises and who is in favor of them? 

Democrats support Local Control

The Democratic state delegation all voted to preserve local control of zoning, precisely to prevent “high rises” and overdevelopment. And all of them have criticized the onerous state law called 8-30g that allows developers to bypass local zoning rules in towns that have not created 10% affordable housing.

The municipal candidates running on the Democratic ticket on November 7th, including Laura Erickson (First Selectperson), have rejected the idea that affordable housing in Greenwich should be determined by legislators in Hartford. Yet, the local Republican campaign continues to make the “high rise” scare tactic a five alarm fire.

Further, no candidates in this municipal election cycle have ANY say in where, how or what type of buildings get built in Greenwich. That’s for our state Rep’s, our state Senator, and our Planning and Zoning Board to handle. The idea that electing Republicans for the Board of Estimate and Taxation will stop high rises is laughable.

Republican policy of neglect puts us at risk

Could it be that the local Republican party is trying to distract from the financial mismanagement, neglect and delay that is costing Greenwich residents tens of millions of dollars under their management?

The fact is that Greenwich continues to be exposed to pressure from developers because our town leaders have failed to make substantive progress toward the 10% affordable housing threshold.The 8-30g statute was adopted 35 years ago. Yet in the last 21 years, Greenwich has only added 1.3% to its affordable housing stock. At this rate it will be another 35 years before we can get out from under the thumb of developers.

The same lack of planning that has led to crumbling schools and expensive cost escalations is also to blame for our continued vulnerability to oversized developments that add density to neighborhoods ill equipped to handle them.

Elect the Row A Team

It’s time to elect municipal leaders who can plan for the long term, and not just on how to fix the latest school ceiling collapse. Democrats will use the tools at our disposal—the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, tax incentives to increase the supply of affordable and workforce housing, and working with Greenwich Communities to create a plan to meet our quota, and give our state representatives the proof of progress they need to rebuff state mandates. 

The next time you drive past a histrionic “high rise” lawn sign, consider that another reason to elect the Democratic slate on Row A.

Peter Bernstein: Time for change in Greenwich BET

“Despite the lies and half-truths, the evidence is clear — the current and future slate of Board of Estimate and Taxation Republicans refuse to spend money on things the town needs. Whether it is funding to replace aging fire trucks, modern police communications, or replacing or updating schools, the BET Republicans hold steadfast in their unshaken belief that these are wants and have repeatedly exercised the tie-breaking chair vote to block necessary spending. They refuse to find middle ground, do not care about facts nor are they responsive to the public. They have lost their ability to lead and continually fail to discharge their responsibilities to voters. The current slate of candidates from the extremist Republican Town Committee is even worse. It is time to make a change.”
Peter Bernstein, former Republican Chair of Board
of Education, excerpted from Greenwich Time

Voting guide to preserve the RTM

You may have read the NY Times article about “signgate” and the efforts by right-wing extremists to take over the Representative Town Meeting and install a loyal cadre that will vote as they instruct. The Voting Moms recommend voting only for the independent bipartisan slate.

Campaign Calendar

November 2 – Phonebank

Help us get our Democratic slate elected in Greenwich this November! Come make calls with us at our headquarters at 23 Benedict Place, rear entrance, between 5:30 and 7:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays through November 2nd! 23 Benedict Place, rear entrance.

November 4 and 5 – Days of Door-knocking

Join our candidates and fellow volunteers for a day of door-knocking to help us tell voters about our vision for Greenwich. Two time slots this Saturday and Sunday, 12-2 and 3-5.

Please bring a charged smart phone and comfortable walking shoes. We’ll provide scripts, training, and water. 23 Benedict Place, rear entrance.

Volume 2, Number 21 • October 26, 2023
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