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How to Run for Representative Town Meeting (RTM)

About the RTM

The RTM is:

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Want to Run for the RTM? Here’s How:

Campaigning for the RTM

How much, or how little, campaigning you do is up to you. We are here to help and happy to offer advice. Please contact us!

Time Commitment for RTM Members

Duties of the RTM are set forth in the Town Charter and are explained in the RTM member handbook. Time commitment largely depends on your committee involvement – something that will be up to you. All meetings are held in the evening: 1 full RTM meeting per month (Monday, 8:00pm at Central Middle School, last 2-3 hours) and 1 district meeting – both for only 8 months of the year (16 meetings per year). Committee meetings are held on Monday or Tuesday (1-2 hours) and district meetings are usually Wednesday or Thursday (2-3 hours) the week before the full meeting. Currently, the full meeting is hybrid and members can participate via Zoom.  District and committee meetings are in person, but accomodations are made for those needing to call into the meeting. This is subject to change. RTM recesses in February, July, August and November.

Serve on a Board, Commission, or Committee

(Excerpted from Greenwich League of Women Voters)

Members of most Independent Boards, Commissions and Committees are nominated by the Board of Selectmen (BOS) and appointed by the Representative Town Meeting (RTM). Length of service varies. All members serve without pay.


  1. To begin the process, a given candidate submits his or her nomination form to the Selectman’s Nominations Advisory Committee (SNAC). 
  2. SNAC acknowledges (via email) its receipt of the nomination form and provides copies to the BOS.
  3. The Selectman’s office contacts the candidates to schedule interviews. 
  4. The BOS nominates, and the RTM appoints members to the Commission on Aging, Alarm Appeals Board, Board of Ethics, Harbor Management Commission, Board of Health, Historic District Commission, Board of Nathaniel Witherell, Board of Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning Commission, Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Social Services, and Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency.
  5. After being nominated, the BOS places the candidate’s name on the RTM Call (agenda) of the next RTM meeting. The Chair of the RTM Appointments Committee and the Chair of one other relevant RTM Committee contacts the candidate to schedule an interview. Nominees may wish to make a statement prior to questioning by each committee. It is advisable to attend, or watch on demand, meetings of the body you have been nominated to prior to being interviewed.
  6. The nominee’s name is then brought before the full RTM for an appointment vote, at which time the committees that interviewed the nominees will report their recommendations. Candidates do not need to attend the RTM vote.
  7. The BOS alone (without the RTM) appoints members to the Housing Authority, Shellfish Commission, SNAC and Parks and Recreation Foundation.
  8. The First Selectman alone (without the RTM or other Selectmen) appoints members to the Affirmative Action Committee and Conservation Commission.
  9. SNAC advises candidates via email when they are nominated/appointed. Unsuccessful candidates are similarly advised.

How to Run for Office as a Democrat

Additional reference from the Greenwich League of Women Voters.