When it comes to road safety, Senator Ryan Fazio’s voting record is reckless

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CT is experiencing a “roadway crisis,” with fatalities from car accidents surging.

In 2022 the number of traffic deaths–380–was the highest in three decades, and this year, we are already outpacing that. “We are on track to have one of the worst…if not the worst years on Connecticut roadways,” said Josh Morgan with the Department of Transportation.

Greenwich is not immune to road safety concerns. At a series of community forums with the Department of Public Works in recent weeks, residents described feeling that they take their lives into their hands when crossing Greenwich streets and no longer allow their children to ride their bikes or walk to school. A community satisfaction survey put road safety at the top of residents’ concerns.

In this context, it’s perplexing that our own state senator, Ryan Fazio, has repeatedly voted against measures to improve road safety, especially ones that would qualify us for millions of dollars in federal transportation funds. Consider:

  • Of our delegation, Fazio alone voted against adopting the recommendations of the Vision Zero Council, an interagency working group that has spent the last few years developing statewide policy to eliminate transportation-related fatalities. Fortunately, the bill, which was widely supported by municipal leaders, passed anyway.
  • Fazio broke with Greenwich Republican colleagues Arora and Fiorello to vote against recommendations by the Department of Transportation to, among other things, prohibit open containers of alcohol in vehicles. Not only does this rule reduce traffic fatalities, but it also makes the state eligible for millions in federal transportation funding by bringing us into compliance with federal regulations.
  • Fazio voted against a bill to decrease the number of traffic deaths by lowering the legal blood alcohol limit that qualifies as Driving While Ability Impaired. CT consistently ranks in the top 3-5 states in DUI fatalities.

Senator Ryan Fazio’s voting record on road safety issues is not just disappointing, it’s reckless and out of step with the urgent needs of our community. Fortunately, this November voters have a choice. Nick Simmons, Democratic candidate for state senate, has made improving our roads a priority.

Nick served as Deputy Chief of Staff in the Lamont Administration, and was instrumental in securing state and federal investments in our communities. From reducing congestion on I-95 to investing in our rail infrastructure, Nick is committed to make travel safer and more efficient for everyone in Greenwich. Learn more about his campaign here.

Greenwich has Pride!

From left, Greenwich Pride organizers Karsten Vagner and Allison Kahn, and State Representative Steve Meskers.

A large crowd turned out on Sunday to celebrate the raising of the LGBTQ+ flag and mark the start of Pride month. Joyous applause welcomed remarks from the entire Greenwich state delegation, Selectwoman Janet Stone McGuigan, Reverend Cheryl McFadden of Christ Church, and Rabbi Jordie Gerson of Greenwich Reform Synagogue in Cos Cob.

With over 500 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in state legislatures this year alone, affirming our commitment to equal rights for all is as important as ever.

Pride Day organizer Allison Kahn reminds us, “We gather so that no child or teen is made to feel less than because they or their family is LGBTQ. We gather so that no adult should have to hide in social isolation simply because of who they are or who they love. We gather to stand up in the face of hate and ignorance and say that love outshines hate any day of the week.”

Biden’s presidency is one for the record books

Why you should give four more years to Joseph Biden

By Simon Rosenberg, Founder, New Democrat Network

Excerpted from  Hopium Chronicles

In the last few weeks we’ve gotten repeated confirmation of the success of the Biden presidency – inflation is down, food prices are down, crime and murder rates are way down, gas prices are down, the flow to the border is down.

We’ve had the strongest economic recovery of any advanced economy in the world, the best job market since the 1960s, the lowest uninsured rate in American history, the deficit is trillions less, the Dow has broken 40,000 and all three indices continue to break records, and domestic oil, gas and renewable production continue to be at all time highs, leaving America more energy independent than it has been in decades.

Consumer sentiment surged last month. The Wall Street Journal called the American economy the “envy of the world,” and the Economist just wrote about the unprecedented startup boom America is experiencing right now. Biden’s big three investment bills have dramatically accelerated the energy transition necessary to combat climate change and will be creating opportunities and jobs for our workers for decades to come.

Our next book talk is with authors Louise Story and Ebony Reed who have just published Fifteen Cents on the Dollar, How Americans Made the Black White Wealth Gap. Refreshments provided, space is limited. Sign up here. 7:00 p.m., Sorokin Gallery, 96 Greenwich Ave.

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