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Christina Downey wants to harness the energy of Democrats for the most crucial election of our time

There was a time, not so long ago, when Christina Downey didn’t like partisan politics. After leaving a New York City legal career, she became active in numerous PTA leadership positions as her children attended the Greenwich Public Schools. But in the wake of Trump’s election, Downey was inspired by the women who rose up to effect change. “I saw that this was the path I wanted to take too,” Downey said.

That groundswell brought together scores of women like Downey, who, amidst a barrage of rightwing name calling, took the Representative Town Meeting’s female representation up from about one-third to one-half of the membership. A year after that, she changed her registration from Unaffiliated to Democrat. “In my heart,” Downey said, “I was always a Democrat.”

Recently she completed a four-year term on the Board of Education, including time as vice chair, when parents rallied in force for schools. “I felt firsthand the power of active community engagement—how it inspires decision-making for the better. We as Democrats need to advocate for our values and priorities to make our town the best possible version of itself.” Downey wants to use that same grassroots energy to shake up the dynamic that has almost always favored Republicans in local elections, even as the number of registered Democrats has surpassed them.

Changing of the guard: Christina Downey and predecessor Joe Angland at Wednesday’s Democratic Town Committee meeting

Supporting candidates who offer thoughtful solutions to town issues

She’s seeking to engage residents who aren’t so wealthy that they can wall themselves off from the community, which is most of us. “Democrats are the ones who advocate for quality-of-life—the services and infrastructure that help our residents,” she says. “We can attract more people to the party with candidates who offer balanced, thoughtful, smart solutions to the issues facing the town, instead of saying, ‘No! You can’t have nice things!’”

At the same time, as a 30-year resident, Downey appreciates what makes Greenwich special. When the family first moved here, it was for the low taxes and excellent schools. But the leafy, small town appeal made it home. “Greenwich still has that mom and pop feel,” she declares, her voice rising. “My favorite thing is the Memorial Day parade! The kids on bikes with flags, the Americana, giving out candy to the crowds.”

We can’t win in November without your commitment, too

Downey takes the reins from outgoing party Chair Joe Angland, who oversaw a broad statehouse victory in 2022, and nearly captured the Board of Estimate and Taxation’s tie-breaking vote last November. You can help her make our party more inclusive, increase the number of active volunteers, and elect more down-ballot Democrats in the critical presidential election in November. Click to volunteer or donate.

Honor our vets on Vietnam Veterans Day

Tomorrow, March 29th, marks the 13th celebration of Vietnam Veterans Day. There are several ceremonies planned in Greenwich to honor those who served.

9:00 am: Gathering at war memorial on Greenwich Avenue

9:30 am: Observance at Eugene Morlot Memorial Park in Byram

10:00 am: Commemoration at Glenville war memorial near the firehouse. Afterwards, a gathering at the American Legion Post 29 headquarters.

Women in government

The Greenwich Girl Scouts and the League of Women Voters of Greenwich are hosting a “Women in Government” event on Sunday, April 7, 2024, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at  Greenwich Town Hall. Open to all members of the community at no cost, the event allows our youngest constituents to gain insights into local government. More information here.

Volume 2, Number 43 • March 28, 2024
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