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Newsletter Volume 2 • Number 22

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Choose the “A” Team: Visionary leadership for a better Greenwich. Let’s focus on community, not culture wars.

Democrats support Local Control

We know you moved here for the low taxes, the great schools, and the quality of life. But decades of one party Republican rule have resulted in short-term thinking and neglect that is costing Greenwich residents MORE as we get LESS in return.

The Democratic candidates are the new fiscal conservatives.

Discover their financial, strategic planning, and executive experience. Find out how they willkeep our taxes low while improving the services we expect.

Help a bipartisan majority govern together

Many conservative neighbors are reaching across party lines, rejecting efforts by the far right in the Republican Town Committee to impose their will on the whole community. Aren’t you tired of the conspiracy theories, culture wars, and attacks on anyone who doesn’t tow their party line?

And save the town legislature (RTM) from extremists!

Get the word out to your network that the threat by right-wing extremists to take over the Representative Town Meeting is real.
They have floated a stunning array of disguises and  disinformation to hide who they are.

Print out or screenshot a list of recommended RTM candidates by “The Voting Moms” before heading to the polls on Tuesday. The Voting Moms share our values, and recommend voting ONLY for certain candidates, and no others, in each district. (Find out about The Voting Moms in this profile.)


Not sure if you are registered to vote? Don’t know your voting location? Check your status here.
If you haven’t registered, take advantage of same day registration and voting at Town Hall. Find
out how
.Can’t make it to the polls on Tuesday? Vote in person at the Town Clerk’s office with an absentee ballot.Want to see the ballot? See sample
Polls are open Tuesday, Nov. 7, from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

Campaign Calendar

November 4 and 5 – Days of Door-knocking

Join our candidates and fellow volunteers for a day of door-knocking to help us tell voters about our vision for Greenwich. Two time slots this Saturday and Sunday, 12-2 and 3-5.

Please bring a charged smart phone and comfortable walking shoes. We’ll provide scripts, training, and water. 23 Benedict Place, rear entrance.

Volume 2, Number 22 • November 2, 2023
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