Greenwich Town Quiz!

How much do you know about Greenwich’s local government?

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1. Administrators notice significant cracks in a school building and ask for funds to study if the building is safe. Which town body/bodies must approve the request?

2. The Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) has six Republicans and six Democrats. The two parties cannot agree on whether to provide funding to hire firefighters to improve response times in one part of town. What happens?

3. The Board of Education (BOE) is composed of four Democrats and four Republicans. They cannot agree on who should be the BOE Chair. How can the impasse be resolved?

4. After the BET rejects funds to repair an athletic field, members of the Representative Town Meeting want to add the funding back into the budget. What can they do?

5. As a parent of young children, you are very interested in participating in public hearings about the budget for your children’s school. You notice however that comment via Zoom is not allowed. Also BET budget committee meetings are not recorded. Who makes the decision about online access to the meetings?

6. Elections this November 7 are being held for which offices?

7. You have a busy travel schedule and don’t think you’ll be in town on November 7 for Election Day. What should you do?

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